Welcome to ElikoPy’s documentation!

ElikoPy is Python library aiming at easing the processing of diffusion imaging for microstructural analysis. This Python library is based on

  • DIPY, a python library for the analysis of MR diffusion imaging.

  • Microstructure fingerprinting, a python library doing estimation of white matter microstructural properties from a dictionary of Monte Carlo diffusion MRI fingerprints.

  • FSL, a comprehensive library of analysis tools for FMRI, MRI and DTI brain imaging data.

  • DIAMOND, a c software that is characterizing brain tissue by assessment of the distribution of anisotropic microstructural environments in diffusion-compartment imaging.

  • Dmipy, a python library estimating diffusion MRI-based microstructure features, used to fit and recover the parameters of multi-compartment microstructure models

This guide aims to give an introduction to ElikoPy and a brief installation instructions.